Sunday, January 2, 2011

Challenges 2011

I am doing some challenges in 2011 which I will list on this page for people that are interested :) I will be doing challenges in two categories: Creative ones and a few reading challenges.

Creative challenges:

Illustration Friday:

A weekly illustration challenge with a different theme each week. It is a way to connect with other artists who also participate in this challenge. The challenge is for all types of Illustrations, all types of mediums, for all levels. Each Friday a new topic is posted and participants have the whole week to work on the illustration for that week. Want to join too? Don't be shy and hop over to Illustration Friday to see how.

Art Calendar 2011 Challenge:

At the Kathryn Wheel, Kate is hosting this challenge where you create one calendar page each month and write something on it every day. It is a 365 challenge on creative journalling.You can also look at the Art Calendar Flickr page to see what others have made.

My pages:

10 in 11:

On this Dutch blog we set 10 creative goals to complete in 2011.
Here you can see my 10 creative goals in 2011.

Reading challenges:

Foodie's reading challenge: 

Margot from joyfully retired is hosting this foodie reading challenge "to explore the world of good food writing".
I have joined and I will post reviews here or on She Likes Bento, depending on what kind of books I read. I am aiming to be a Glutton, which means I have to read more then 12 books on the subject. You can also visit my start post for the foodie's reading challenge, where you can find more information on what I have read or am planning to read.

Hello Japan:

A monthly mini-challenge that focusses on Japanese literature and culture hosted at in Spring it is the Dawn.
Another challenge I will be doing both here and at my bento blog, depending on the subject of the challenge.

My entry for January 2011: Something new - Hello Panda Snack.
My entries for February 2011: Japanese cooking - Potato-Macaroni Salad and Teriyaki Burgers
My entry for March 2011: Manga - Chi's Sweet Home
My entry for April 2011: Back to School - Lucky Stars
My entry for May 2011: Mystery - xxxHolic 
My entry for July 2011: Non-Fiction - Fear and Trembling by Amelie Nothomb + movie

Manga Challenge 2011:

Hosted by Rhinoa is the Manga Challenge 2011: Read 6 manga and review them. I have yet to decide which manga I am going to read, so more on this later.
1) Chi's Sweet Home vol.1
2) Chi's Sweet Home vol.2
3) xxxHolic vol.1

What an animal reading challenge IV:

Hosted by Yvonne on Socrates' Book Review blog. For this challenge you have to read 6 animal related books. See my sign-up post for any updates on this challenge :)

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