Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello Japan: Lucky Stars

For the Hello Japan challenge, I am posting about Lucky Stars today. Lucky Stars are a form of origami strip folding. They have become more popular and are easy to make (once you get the hang of it, that is). They are made as a gift often for good luck. The stars are made into earrings, garlands or collected in jars and flasks. You can simply cut your own strips, or buy so called lucky stars paper, that comes in a variety of colors and kawaii designs.

Sorry for the quality of the picture. Lack of daylight :S
 I came across lucky stars paper a few months back when I saw the paper on Most Cutest with an instruction video how to make them. It was only this month though that I seriously tried making them. At first, I only succeeded about 50% of the time but now the success rate is slowly increasing. My jar isn't even half full yet and I might need another package of paper to be able to fill it. But it is a nice little thing to do in between activities :) Oh and one more thing I learned about lucky stars, is that they aren't originally from Japan, but from China, oops!


  1. hehe bohahism here :D

    i went through a giant phase of making them :D :D :D

    are my attempts at tatking photos of them back in the day :P hahahah :P

  2. My students taught me how to make those cute stars.Your chosen paper is really adorable.

  3. I first saw these lucky stars and the TINY (but cute) paper strips they're made of two years ago and it seemed IMPOSSIBLE to me!!! Never mind you're saying "are easy to make (once you get the hang of it, that is)". ;)

    It was on the Japan Fest in Leiden btw, which will be held again on May 29th. It's not big so it might not be worth the cost of the trip for you, still I wanted to let you know.

  4. I have a glass bottle of lucky stars that a friend gave me, and I love it. But I've never tried to make them myself. The paper you've used is so colourful and fun! Thanks for taking part this month. :)