Thursday, May 12, 2011

Book review: Chi's Sweet Home vol.2 by Konami Kanata

Title: Chi's Sweet Home, vol 2
Author: Konami Kanata
Genre: Manga, Slice of Life
Subject: Cats
Publisher: Vertical Inc.
Release date: October, 2010
Length: 154 pages
I got this book: Won it by participating in the Hello Japan challenge.

The Yamata family find a lost kitten in the park and decide to take her in even though pets are forbidden in their apartment complex. Chi is getting more acquainted with her environment and gets into a lot of mischief. She even makes a friend. Unfortunately the Super of the apartment complex has noticed there is some cat trouble going on.

Personal opinion:
When I read the first volume of this manga for the Hello Japan Challenge, I was very lucky to win a prize. And what better price to choose than the next volume from a manga series, I enjoyed so much! In my previous review, I already talked about the format of the manga, so I won't repeat that again, however I do still want to say some things about it. Unlike in the first part of the manga, in the 2nd part I also saw stories that hadn't been included into the anime of Chi's Sweet Home and I happily read the new stories. Chi continued to entertain me throughout this book again and I also liked the fact that she gets to interact with another cat now. It gives this manga a new direction than just the cat-human interaction. I will happily keep on reading this series and I can recommend it to any cat lover :)

Loved It!

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This book is part of the Manga Challenge and What an Animal Reading Challenge.

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  1. She reminds me of some mischievous cats at home. But there is no cuter cat than chi :D