Saturday, May 14, 2011

Book Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Title: If I Stay
Author: Gayle Forman
Genre: YA Fiction
Subject: Death, Loss, Choices
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Release date: April, 2009
Length: 236 Pages
I got this book: Borrowed it from the library

From Goodreads:
"In a single moment, everything changes. Seventeen-year-old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall riding along the snow-wet Oregon road with her family. Then, in a blink, she finds herself watching as her own damaged body is taken from the wreck...

A sophisticated, layered, and heartachingly beautiful story about the power of family and friends, the choices we all make—and the ultimate choice Mia commands."

Personal opinion:
Do you know the kind of novels that start of really strong but the ending leaves you hanging? I hate those kind of books and I am glad to say that this book was the exact opposite. I have to say that the ending was the strongest one that I have encountered in a few months and it left quite the impression. The moment of the accident is another really strong point in the book. After that the story moves from the present Mia to the flashbacks of her past that she thinks of while making her choice to stay or to go. That way I got to know Mia and the bond she had with her family, music, her best friend Kim and her boyfriend Adam. I liked the way this story was told but somewhere in the middle it dragged on a bit and it felt more like a typical teenage story. However the topic at hand makes it that I stayed focused on the story and it makes this novel go beyond the typical teenage drama. And I guess the fact that Mia had such a normal life with little complications was the author's intention because this makes the choice for Mia so much harder now she lost such a huge part of that. I find this a very interesting and original topic to read about. I liked the characters, the bond between Mia and Adam and the main question stayed with me for several days. What would I do if I had the choice? I can't wait to get my hands on Where She Went, the second book in this series.

I liked it!

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  1. Great point about the ending! I've been really irritated with ridiculously unsatisfying endings in YA lit lately. If I Stay definitely was not one of those endings!

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  3. Ik hou er maar 2 actief bij :) Maar ik ben nog mede schrijver van 2 projecten waar ik aan mee doe :)