Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shopping for an assignment

I have a lot of creative supplies. So much that my boyfriend says I don't need any more. But of course every creative person knows that you always need more ;) However this time I actually needed something specific for school. We have an assignment to make a personality box. This is a box that has to have a lid so you can open it because you have to portray your inner and your outer personality. I think this is a very fun assignment to work on but I didn't have any box that fitted my needs in the house. Of course I have a shoe box laying around somewhere but it simply didn't match the purpose. I want to make a cute little box for two reasons; I think that is much more me so it suits the assignment better and also because it is more practical to transport to school. I knew exactly what I wanted and where to get it.

Of course I had to visit the outlet store while I was in the mall since I don't come there often and next to my cute wooden box, I also picked up some fun supplies that surely will be used in the future. Like wobbly eyes, small sachets and metal letters and hearts. I have one week left to complete my assignments. Namely working on my personality box, making two puppets and my reflection card.


  1. Reminds me: Get googly eyes! XD
    O_O =P

  2. Hi there. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Welcome to the calendar challenge for 2011 - it's not too late to join, not at all! Delighted to have you on board and look forward to your creations throughout the year :-)