Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SPA postcard: Celestial Theme

I discovered this blog that hosts a weekly postcard challenge. Every Sunday a new theme is posted and people can submit their work as long as it is 10x15 cm or 4x6 inches. All mediums are allowed and to me it seems like a fun way experimenting with making my own postcards. I probably won't join every week, but depending on the time I have at hand and the theme chosen, this might be a fun way to explore for me. This weeks theme is Celestial. Read more about it and join here!

This is my submission:
I have a lot of paper with patterns on it so I used that as my base. Then I drew a lose star shape on the card in yellow, white & blue oil pastel. I pasted some angels, metallic stars and letters on there. Of course the card looks better color wise but this is the best my scanner would do. I kept it fairly simple and experimented using oil pastel on colored paper. Intuitive background since we all know I draw like a 10 year old but I don't care ;)