Monday, January 17, 2011

10 creative goals in 2011

I stumbled across a Dutch blog about setting 10 creative goals for 2011 and post about them. I joined up, but next to blogging about it there, I will of course blog about it here as well :)

This is my list:

  1.  My art calendar 2011(Make a page a month)
  2.  A banner for my blog(s)
  3.  Learn how to make collages with acrylic paint combined with fabric & paper.
  4.  Making more labels
  5. Paint & stamp on wooden boxes
  6.  Finish my Goomba mosaic
  7. Complete my school year successfully (since I am following a creative education
  8. Follow creative but cheap(!) workshops (and maybe give them too but this could easily be 2012)
  9. Make a spiritual painting for every sabbat
  10. Find out where and how I can print my own cards.
So that's it :) It was hard to choose only 10, since I want to do so much more ;) 

1 comment:

  1. Wauw, geweldig, creatieve doelen stellen! Ben benieuwd naar je banner, labels en kaarten! groetjes,