Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spring Countdown

When I came across the Kojodesigns blog, I read a post about a spring countdown ribbon chain she made with her kid to count the days till spring. I am longing for spring since late fall so it seemed like a perfect project for me to take on. However I do not own a huge stash of ribbon, but inspired by this idea I created a different format to create my own spring countdown. (excuse the crappy - there was no daylight today - iPhone pictures)

I victimized the door between the living room and the bedroom as the base for my spring countdown project. A few evenings ago I cut out squares out of cheerful coloured papers and made a sign. On Saturday, when I finally had time to continue I numbered them and pasted them all to the door around the paper geese that still hung there from last year ;) The result was a cheerful spring look on my door :) Each day I will remove a square, which will probably end up in a silly looking door when half of them are gone. However I might add other spring decorations to fill up the empty space, but I am not sure what I will do yet. Any ideas on the subject are welcome :)

That are a LOT of squares. 65 to be exact. I am pretty pleased with my door. People visiting might think it's a bit weird, but I am happy with my countdown!

1 comment:

  1. Not weird, just special.. even though I had a WTF moment when first looking at the door with 64 notes, because it used to be a To-Do-List-Door ;)