Monday, January 10, 2011

Experimenting with watercolor tags

I had some white paper tags laying around, waiting to be worked on. Yesterday I decided to paint a few with watercolor to see how that would go. I decided to go for a spring pallet (since I am longing for spring), using yellows & blues to create greens. I only have 6 colors (2, reds, 2 blues & 2 yellows) so I have to mix everything myself. I made the paper wet, using a natural sponge like I learned on school. (back side first, then front, back again to remove bubbles and turn). Then I just let the colors flow into each other on paper. I find this an exciting technique to use since you never know what you will create.

The paper didn't like the treatment very much though. I guess this paper isn't really suited for this technique since it got bubbly. The back of the tags were also colored in the progress and a spotty pattern had formed. I only filled in the blank spots later. I let them dry and when they were almost dry I got out a big pile of books and placed them on top of the tags. This morning the bubbles were less visible and I continue to work on them with gel pens and stamps.

This is how they turned out in the end. The first one is a combination of a gel pen and a stamp. The middle one is only done with the gel pen and the last looks much like the first but I tracked over the stamp with the gel pen. I think I have a lot to improve on the techniques. Maybe I should try acrylics instead but I think it should be possible to do this with watercolor too since I have seen watercolor tags before. At least they look cheerful :)

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  1. These look great, I love the spring colours - I'm longing for spring too.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog about Art Journaling magazine. It is actually an American publication by Stampington. Good luck with finding it, but it will be worth it! Kate x