Saturday, November 10, 2012

Painting: Birdsong

It has been a while since I have showed something creative on the blog. So today I am going to share one of my school assignments here. It was the first official lesson of the year for me back in early October. In the lessons we work with themes and the first theme is energy.

We started off with drawings on 4 large papers, where we had to draw or paint something while 4 different kinds of music were playing. We had to go with the flow of the music. And we ended up with 4 different sheets, showing our energy. The musical pieces were all very different and each represented an element (aka fire, water, air and earth).

I don't have any pictures from that part, because it all went kind of fast and I forgot to take a moment for the pictures. After that we had to choose a part of each painting and cut that out. We had to paste it on a canvas and then paint over it with different colors. We had to pay attention to using different brush strokes and just paint with your full attention. Coloring on intuition.

Then we had to choose the work of someone else and add something that was missing. It is a bit scary to work on someone else's painting. And also to see what you get back ;)

This was my painting when I got it back. Totally different, right? She used different techniques and I was a bit overwhelmed by how much it changed. It took me a while to make it mine again. The painting is turned up side down, and that was kinda of how I felt too.

This is the final result. I turned it once again because I saw a bird on a branch, so I tried to focus on that, without it getting to obvious. I took out all white, except the bird and made the black line stronger. I also painted a bit of green on the end of each line. It is still really energetic and abstract but it has a clear focus point. It is almost like summer turning into autumn because of the bright colors on one side and the more red shades on the other. I am quite happy with it :)

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