Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Manga Review: Chi's Sweet Home vol.3 by Konami Kanata

Title: Chi's Sweet Home vol.3
Author: Konami Kanata
Genre: Manga, comedy
Subject: Cats
Publisher: Vertical
Release date: October 2010
Length: 144 pages
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From Goodreads:
"Chi is a michievous newborn kitten who on a leisurely stroll with her family finds herself lost and alone. Seperated from the warmth and protection of her mother, desperately attempts to reunite with her family of feral cats. When the kitten feels all hope is lost, she is found in a park by a young boy named Yohei and his mother. After taking a tumble Yohei feels just as distraught as the kitten he sees before him, and he quickly takes comfort in feeling a sense of sympathy with the cat. And before she could even know what hit her, the little kitty was picked up and soon under the protection and care of Yohei's family--the Yamada's. Every moment of their daily life is filled with something we can all cherish.

In the third volume of Chi's Sweet Home, Chi has made a new friend. There is another cat in the neighborhood. This cat is the very cat that the building manager considers to be a nuisance and the same one with a reward on his head. The cat's name is Kuro; a giant of a feline. All black and with a bit of an appetite, this cat has been known to not only sneak into people's yards but he has even been bold enough to enter some apartments searching for food."

Personal opinion:
I love this series! I read volume one and two last year and I want to have them all. This is why I put one of the volumes on the list for my Wishlist Challenge, so I had an excuse to buy it somewhere this year. This manga is very cute and a must read for every cat lover out there. Unlike most manga this series is in full color and this adds so much to the experience. From all the volumes I like this one the best so far. I just love the friendship between Kuro and Chi. The little kitten follows him around everywhere and gets lessons in cat behaviors. There isn't that much to tell without spoiling everything so I will just say, if you love cats, this one is for you. Even if you never read a manga in your life ;)

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  1. The manga sounds adorable! I've only seen a couple of episodes from the anime (cute but short!) ^^