Monday, November 5, 2012

Project 365: October 2012

I finally did it! I managed to take a picture each day for 1 year! I attempted it twice before and both times I failed because it was too much hassle. But my iPhone in combination with the 365 app changed that. I am so glad I was able to do it! Will I stop with it now? No I will just continue to do this. It is in my system now and it has become my picture dairy really :)

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01) Lunch: Date muffins
02) WIP at school
03) Snail mail in a bottle
04) Dinner: Tomato-bell pepper soup
05) Trying Vitalu Crackers
06) Dinner: Homemade sushi
07) Visiting the carnival
08) Chibi
09) Ramsay eating parsley on the couch
10) Snack review
11) All the lost and found!
12) Stripe
13) Readathon
14) Lunch: Sweet potato hummus on crackers
15) Homework a la Jackson Pollock
16) Owl snail mail
17) Dinner: Cheesy pasta
18) Foodie pen pal package arrived
19) Dinner: Nacho oven dish
20) Dinner: Savoury Stuffed Pittas
21) PinItDoIt: Freezing tomato paste
22) All the cats!
23) Dinner: Fennel Risotto
24) Dinner: Mashpot
25) Lunch: bento
26) Vegetable bag
27) Chibi
28) Snack review
29) Bento: Ghost onigiri
30) School day
31) Dinner: Curried Leek and Apple soup

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