Friday, March 30, 2012

Bloggiesta Starting Line

Welcome to the starting line for Bloggiesta... the blogging party led by our fearless mascot PEDRO (Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.) and hosted by It's all about books. The idea behind Bloggiesta is to keep Pedro happy by spending these next three days working on perfecting your blog and connecting with other bloggers doing the same thing.

So this is the starting line post and I will be posting my to-do list. This might be getting expanded as we go ;)

I have three blogs, this one (UC), my food blog She Likes Bento (SLB) and my Dutch girly blog Met een Strikje (MES).

- Back up blogs (UC, SLB and MES)
- Add Pinterest buttons (UC, SLB, MES)
- Add Twitter buttons to each post (UC, SLB, MES)

- Add bloglovin buttons (UC, SLB, MES, isn't possible in
- Update copyright notices (UC, SLB, MES)
- Update sidebars (UC, SLB) - in progress
- Look into RSS
- Add searchbars (UC, SLB)
- Check in at NetGalley to sort digital reads
- Sort out tagclouds (UC, SLB)
- Dead link hunt (UC, SLB)

- Update pinterest profile

Uniflame Creates:
- Make a template for personal blogposts
- Write book review A walk across the sun
- Write first personal update
- Write 365 photo challenge
- Write a review policy
- Post partial reviews to goodreads with link to full review on blog (?) 2012 only?
- Link posts together that are from the same author

She Likes Bento:
- Maybe design banners for Meatless Monday and Weekend Cooking categories
- Split recipe page into categories
- Write snack reviews (2)
- Write posts for weekend cooking and meatless monday for upcoming weeks (done 3)

Met een Strikje:
- Get a favicon
- Write Friday's post
- Make pictures and write March favorites post
- Write several review posts in advance (done 4)
- Maybe make a banner for new recipe category
- Maybe set up an own facebook page
- Set up feedreader to post automatically to facebook and twitter
- Set up a separate pinterest account for this blog (because co-writer needs access too)
- Social media buttons

- Read Weekend Cooking posts
- Visit fellow participants and leave comments (ongoing)
- Attend one twitter party
- Check #bloggiesta on twitter to offer help to others (ongoing)

Mini Challenges:
- Read all new challenges and see what is useful to do
- Go through the old mini challenges and see what is useful to do
- Facebook mini challenge: Add facebook share buttons at bottom of posts (UC, SLB, MES)
- Pinterest Challenge - was already on my to do :)
- Social Media Icon Tutorial - got some buttons, waiting on delivery
- Goodreads Challenge: Linked to my goodreads profile in the sidebar.
- Write a review policy - was already on my to do
- Sidebarchallenge, was on my to do, tossed some stuff out
- Mr. Linky
- Sign up for a blogger event
- 20 comments challenge

- Rafflecopter
- Themed Pages
- 8 ways to freshen up your content

- Will be updated :)

Look here is my Mr Linky!


  1. Good luck, Uniflame. It's a long list. Hope you get lots done this weekend.

  2. Wow! You have a very ambitious list...good luck and enjoy!

    I've been visiting blogs, doing some mini-challenges, and cleaning up sidebars and pages.

  3. That's a lot to do! I don't think I could concentrate on more than one blog at a time. I'm impressed. Good luck :D

  4. You are moving right along! I have written some draft posts, went out and visited a bit and yeah... thats about it so far :)

  5. Wow! You've already done so much. I haven't been able to cross anything off yet (but mostly won't be able to start until tomorrow). I want to do a recipe page as well.

    1. That recipe page was a royal pain in the rear but I am so happy with the result :)

  6. Look at you crossing off a plethora of items of the first day! You go!!

    I need to back up my blog. Period. I'm going to make my husband do it for me!

  7. Nice, you've already made a dent in your list.

    I've been thinking about doing a 365 photo challenge too.

    1. Ever since I have the 365 app on my iPhone I have been very consistent. I love doing it! :) I post a monthly update on this blog :)

  8. You've already accomplished so much this weekend! That's fabulous! You're going to run out of stuff before you know it! Good luck and thanks for joining in Bloggiesta!

    Stumped or need more to-do for Bloggiesta? Check out the New Mini-Challenges and the Past Mini-Challenges to find more!

  9. Great list! You're making so much progress! Just look at all those crossed off items. You're doing great!

  10. I feel like a slacker! I haven't been able to get much accomplished yet. Keep up the good work!

  11. Look at you go with all of those blogs! :) YAY! I'm struggling with just the one! :)

  12. I can comment! I can comment! Huzzah! Well, I tried to say before: 'My, you have quite the list yourself! :o Luckily a lot is struck through too!' And that's even more the case now! If you need help with anything (like the icons) let me know!

    Going strong!!

    1. Oi, but gravatar doesn't work for URL's offcourse, not doing that again =')

    2. Haha. I think I will call it quits soon though. But the last task is backing up the blogs :)

  13. So many things crossed off :)

    Getting a favicon is on my list too. I hope to take care of that this afternoon. Have a great last day of bloggiesta!