Thursday, March 5, 2009

Project 365

There is a project going on that you have to take a picture each day for a year long. It seems like a lot of fun to do! However, I know I wont be able to keep up with 1 picture each day. I mean I will be away several weekends this year, I will go on a ten day vacation to Spain, so I wont be able to post 1 pic each day. And if I miss a day I will just stop all together. Rules make me anxious, yet I decided to join. I just adjust the rules to me needs. So: I will post a picture as often as I can untill I have reached number 365. I already know it will take me longer then a year, but now I am allowed to ;)

So I start today with this picture I just made. In the picture you see two magazines called AniVision. AniVision is a Dutch anime and manga magazine and working for AniVision is one of my voluenteer jobs. AniVision just started and these are the only issues out so far. Each month it has been a struggle to finish the magazine but I love working there. I write manga reviews and infomational bits about Japanese culture with additional recipes. We are currently working on the third issue and since this issue I am doing a part of the DTP as well. I am a total beginner at both writing and DTP but I do learn quickly. There is still a lot of room for improvement though. That goes for me as for the magazine.

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  1. YAYs!!! Project 365!!!

    heh heh, I'm the same way about rules. I myself decided as long as I take the picture on the day I can post date the blog entry to match it, lol :P