Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trace the things in your bag (or pockets)

This was really fun to do! I actually emptied my bag and pockets to see what was in there. (the mess actually wasnt that bad XD) These are all things I bring with me everywhere I go basically.
I like the fact that it kind of looks like a puzzle. Can you find all the contents from my bag? XD
The pages contains:
- Keys
- Wallet
- Mokona keychain without keys (used to go with my work keys)
- Marks GBA
- My Nintendo DS
- MP3 player
- Batteries for MP3 player
- Hairbrush
- Cell phone
- Make up (allthough I dont use it often)
- Money
- Pen
- Deodorant (a must in every bag!)
- A piece of my wedding dress
- A handfan with a Japanese Sakura theme (mandatory for busses in the summer)
- Some candy
Whoa, when I list it, I cant believe I actually carry that all with me XD


  1. That's a whole lot of stuff! You carry a piece of your wedding dress everywhere you go? I used to be know for having just about "everything" in my bag but that's a new one even to me. I DO have a hand fan though.

  2. Yeah I do because I need shoes and everything to go with it, it is handy to carry a piece with you ;)

  3. wow! Those are a lot of things you carry with you everywhere! I'm a weenie, heavy bags hurts my shoulders. I love that you take your DS with you everywhere, that is a must.

  4. It really is, it keeps me from being bored XD

  5. Oh, so it's a piece of a dress for your future wedding, not something you keep as a memory?

  6. Yup, I am getting married in June :)

  7. A piece of your wedding dress, that's so romantic!

    This page is beautiful!