Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wrecking post 3

Yay some more wreckage! Allthough I wasnt so rash as in my previous post ;)

I finallly worked on my name page. There is actually a story behind it:
I was going to my drawing class at monday where we instead of drawing had to work with paint this time! With our fingers instead of with brushes ;) We had to pick an object and paint it on paper. The we had to document how the object would smell, sound, taste and feel. My object was a strawberry and it tasted and smalled really sweet. I used mostly read, pinks and whites in my painting and I was very excited how the painting turned out.

Sadly the painting wasnt totally dry when I had to took it home, but my instructor said it would be fine to roll it up gently. So I did. When I came home and wanted to show it to my BF, the paint has glued itself to the back of the page and when I tried to losen it, the paper teared badly leaving traces of paper stuck on the paint.

Normally I would have felt very sad, because something I put all my effort in was ruined like that. Now I still was sad however I also saw possibilities. Since I used mostly reds, pinks and whites, I decided to cut hearts ouf of the painted paper and decorate my journal with it. So I transformed the loss into something new! I am still sad over the loss, but I am proud that I came this far.

Oooooh colorful instruction page. It makes it more cheerful!

And then I actually chewed on a page! It tasted horrible. It was really bitter. Blergh! I can still taste the page! Maybe before anyone should try it, they should season the page first XD


  1. Your name page looks lovely! And I love the story behind it, how you were able to transform the loss of the strawberry in to something else. I guess this journal wrecking really WORKS.

    Everywhere I've read about this project people have complained about the bitterness of that page. I wonder if I should put some sugar on it first? LOL

  2. I hope that will work! ;) Sounds like a plan to me XD

  3. O, the journal is working!! You've come to see beauty and possibilities even when something went not as planned! And the result is awesomeness!!!

    LOL, ew, now I really am not looking forward to chewing that page!