Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wreck this journal day 2

I have some more wrecking to show!

This is my sign! ORLY?! Yeah Really! I keep saying that several times a day so it seemed fitting.

I worked on some other pages too!

I really loved to to the Lavender page! My book smells so nice now!

I also did some serious wrecking at a friends place who lives 6 high ;)

And finally we did some journal soccer! This isnt in the journal, but it seemed fun nevertheless XD Only thing is that my friend kicked it so hard, my journal is now in 2 pieces, taped together ;) My journal is only 3 days old and it looks like it is at least 10 years old and very bad maintained XD I have to say though that when the journal was kicked into halves, it hurt my heart. It was difficult even though I didnt show it.

And this is how my journal looks now:

Today I didnt do any wrecking because I had my first DTP lessons! I learned some useful skills! I am helping out with a volenteer magazine mostly as a reviewer but the DTP staff is shorthanded. It is good to develop some new skills :)


  1. Wrecking fun! I think I'd be sad if mine was kicked into two pieces. :)
    You asked what Project 365 was..... it's a photography challenge of sorts. Take a photo for each day of the year. It's an exercise to help you become a better more creative photographer. I think it just sounds fun. I cant wait to look back and see all 365 of my photos. I started yesterday 3/1. Join us! If you search project 365 on you'll get a good idea of what others are doing with it.

    Jo :)

  2. Oh my! I think you've just set some kind of "wreckord"! (you know a wrecking record *giggle*) I can't believe how much damage you've been able to cause to the poor book in only three days. You brave woman! I don't think I would ever dare anything like journal soccer. *shudder* It was fun to watch the movies though!

    The lavender page looks really nice! I love lavender too.

  3. That is some AWESOME wreckage!!!! You are inspiring me. So far Y is way better at actual wrecking, me not so much, hee hee.