Friday, February 27, 2009

Wreck this journal

Today my journal arrived. And it was really odd, because I was looking forward to this moment for days, I couldnt wait to start wrecking. But now that I had this perfect looking book in my own hands, it seemed really difficult to do even 1 of these assignments that was written in the book.

So.... I waited till my SO came home and could see it in the perfect state it was in, then I torned out a page in front of him! So the first wreckage has been done. Then I let my rabbits chew on it for a bit, but with no great success so far ;)

I wrecked the spine next and made a stain in my stain log with chocolate pudding I was having for dessert. Then I took it for a shower. I did have doubts if I should have taken it for the full half hour since I only put it there for 5 minutes ;) But the pages are all wrinkled and curvy and totally out of shape! So you can see, my first day has been very productive already!

Tomorrow we are going to a friend who has an apartment very high up, so I might throw my journal from his balcony XD


  1. Nobody tosses a journal!

  2. good for you!!! I took a couple of weeks for me to do damage. I had to make it pretty first! haha

  3. You brave woman! I hope the two of you had a nice time in the shower. *giggle* Did the colors run?