Friday, February 27, 2009


I follow a drawing course once a week and the last three lessons were devoted to drawing Kolam.
Since I am lazy please read all about Kolam at wikipedia
See some images here.

The first lesson we started with the shoestring. A very well known type of Kolam and rather easy to get the hang off. It took me the whole lesson though ;)

But two more lessons later I managed to make something I am rather proud of! My own Kolam where I connected points in a starshape according by follwing the same pattern over and over again till you finished at you starting point. For me this was very hard to do because I have a very hard time focussing on somethingl ike that. Even though I did make some errors, I still am proud of the result and I enjoyed coloring it! The original drawing is much prettier though. My scanner isnt the best one around.

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  1. It's good practise for you then, focusing and concentrating :)

    but you'd better not be doing it like they say on wikipedia, and toss our rice outside ;)