Monday, March 23, 2009

Musical Monday

Musical Monday

I am still recovering and I am not spending much time behind the comp. I had to go to the hospital and it seems I have a stomach condition. But they gave me medication for it and things should be fine now. It is just that it might take me a while to recover fully. That is why there are no project 365 pictures appearing atm. I make them but I am to tired to blog them.

But back to music. I went to see the musical Tarzan this summer and it was my first time going to a musical. And it was such an awesome experience! So I will share a Tarzan medley with the best songs from the musical. It is in Dutch, but the songs are so famous, that you probably will know the meaning nevertheless :)
Musical Awards 2007 Tarzan Medley

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  1. I hope you get better soon and that the medicine helps.

    [BIG hugs]