Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly Slice of Life - Week 22

Okay they are not so weekly anymore but it has been really hectic in the past weeks. Anyway, today I wanted to make time to write a personal update post again!

I read: 
I actually spend a lot of time reading this week! I finished the Legacy by Gemma Malley and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Reviews will follow :) I wish I could say follow soon, but I can't make any promises on that part.

Weekly song: 
Last Tuesday I want to a stand up comedian show from the Dutch artists Acda & de Munnik. I have featured them before on the blog but because I went there last week, I thought it was fitting :) This song is called Suiker en Azijn. (Sugar and Vinegar)

Favorite recipe: 
This has to be the couscous salad I made. A super easy and tasty summer recipe. The recipe will be posted on my other blog She Likes Bento tomorrow :)

Something pretty: 
I tried macarons for the first time this week. It were savoury macarons which was an experience on it's own. I think I would like the sweet ones better, still I enjoyed the ones that didn't hold the strong cheese ;) On top of that macarons are really pretty to look at :)

Source: WeHeartit
I watched: 
Not an awful lot to be honest. My BF Zeronic has broken his arm. That is why it has been so hectic here. Have been spending two days in the hospital and I have to do more around the house now. Also Zeronic has been hogging the TV a lot to play video games because that is almost all he can do ;) He can't really do stuff behind his laptop now. So, just the usual stuff like the latest episode of games of thrones.

I am grateful for: 
That my health more or less let me do the things I wanted to do this week. I say more or less because while at the show my body was giving me a hard tie so I couldn't enjoy it fully. Still, it could have been a lot worse and I am grateful that my body is keeping up with all the stuff that is going on.

I played/created: 
I have been working on my end assignment for school, so I have been painting a lot on the same piece. I actually finished it today. As been said above video games have also been played. Not by me, but I watched Zeronic playing Final Fantasy X mainly.

Things I have done: 
We celebrated Zeronic's b-day last Sunday. I have been to Acda & de Munnik and also to a party from the Body Shop. Yesterday my friend Belsammael dropped by for Sushi! <3

I am happy about: 
Sushi!! <3 That is all ;)

In the upcoming week I plan:
To spend most of my time working on my end presentation for school. Tomorrow we will be visited by my friend Steven from Scotland briefly before he flies back again and Immi will also drop by somewhere that week.

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  1. Sounds like a hectic week indeed. So awkward that Zeronic broke his arm. I hope it will heal well and soon!

    Have a good week!