Friday, June 8, 2012

Project 365: May 2012

A bit late again, but here it is - a picture a day for the month May.

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1) Sleeping Stripe
2) Chocolate Chip Cupcakes!
3) Sleeping Chibi
4) Vegetable Bag
5) Lettuce wrap
6) Vegan Friendly Vegetable stew
7) Carrot Cake
8) Cheeky Stripe
9) Library Loot
10) Vegetable bag
11) Zoey drinking my water
12) Chibi
13) My moms dog with coat
14) Flower earrings
15) New clothes
16) Order from the beauty bakery
17) Packing my bag for weekend trip
18) The hotelroom has a bath!
19) Watching an event from our crew
20) Sleeping Rikku
21) Epic couch with cats
22) My BF getting surgery for his arm
23) Market haul
24) Package that I won
25) Wrap
26) Me on a hot summer day
27) Rainbow
28) My favorite products from May
29) The CD I bought at the Acda and the Munnik show
30) The haul from the Body Shop Party
31) Market haul

Lots of cats this month because I didn't made any other pictures that day ;) May was quite eventsful and intense. June is so far no different, therefore there are fewer updates on the blog. I am 7 book reviews behind. Does anyone know of a review-a-thon going on soon? I need one!

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  1. I think you need to make your picture #26 your new profile picture and twitter picture. So pretty!