Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Slice of Life - Week 15 - 2012

This was the weekend I had been looking forward too because I was supposed to go to see the Hunger Games. But I became sick on Friday and was still too sick yesterday to go.

I read:
Not too much but I started in The Potential Hazards of Hester Day by Mercedes Helnwein. I am halfway through the book, and while it isn't a book that interests me enough to finish in one sitting, it is enjoyable.

Weekly song:
I moved back a bit this week to my Game Soundtrack playlist. Here is a song from a game called Final Fantasy XIII-2 and I just love to listen to it because it is nice and upbeat.

Favorite recipe:
I made quinoa-bean burgers in the past week and those burgers tasted great! It was my first time cooking with quinoa. It was a recipe in a book that I have for review. More on this in a few weeks on my other blog, She Likes Bento.

Something pretty:
I had fresh strawberries for the first time this year. I really like strawberries! In smoothies, cakes, and a sandwich and dipped in chocolate! These look so pretty!

Source: We Heart it.

I watched:
The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy. Not my kind of movie really. It is too random for me to really enjoy. There were a few things that made me laugh though. Like the depressed robot voiced by Professor Snape ;)
Here are Marvin's (as the robot is called) Moments for you to enjoy:

I am grateful for:
At the moment I am more frustrated because the carefully planned outing didn't go through however I am grateful that Mark and Immi came to visit anyway. I said they could still go to the Hunger Games but they choose to stay.

I played/created:
Some minecraft! We were able to get it to work because we asked our friend Fhant to gift it to me. Of course we paid him back, but this method worked and I have it installed now. I only played it two nights or so, because I don't have the time to play whole days. I also started on a new assignment that involved stamping with leaves. It is fun to do and the nerves make such pretty patterns <3

Things I have done:
Not the things that I wanted to do ;) This mainly goes about yesterday. We were planning a nice day out with our friends Mark and Immi and I was looking forward to it for weeks. We would go into the city centre for a bit, grab a bite to eat and then see the Hunger Games. But sadly this couldn't go through because I became ill on Friday night :( Mark and Immi still dropped by to visit and we watched another movie (see above) but even that part didn't go as planned.

I am happy about:
A cookbook on veggie burgers I got in the mail yesterday! It was been a while since I bought a cookbook, but because we are a huge fan of homemade veggie burgers in this house, I really wanted to buy this book :) (This is not the book I have for review, but I will review it sooner or later). Also happy about homemade bread for a Sunday breakfast!

In the upcoming week I plan:
It will be a busy week, which I am not looking forward to that much. Tomorrow starts out busy as the help will be here for the first time. It is a bit personal but we got help in the house now once a week. Not the luxury kind, but because we can't manage it on our own with my illness and all. Also Nick will have an introduction conversation about drivers lessons tomorrow. I have school on Wednesday and probably an appointment on Friday. As you can see this is quite the week. At least I can relax with the upcoming readathon! But yeah, not looking forward to it much.

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