Monday, April 2, 2012

Bloggiesta Finish line post!

During the past weekend of Bloggiesta events I was able to get a lot done on my three blogs :) This is my wrap up post :)

- I backed up this blog after some hiccups to wordpress, the SLB blog I will do today!
- Added Pinterest buttons on the bottom of each post on all 3 blogs
- Added Twitter buttons to each post on all three blogs
- Added bloglovin buttons to this blog and SLB. The Dutch blog MES wasn't possible because doesn't allow it.
- Updated copyright notices of this blog and SLB
- Updated sidebars (UC, SLB)
- Looked into RSS
- Added searchbars (UC, SLB)
- Checked in at NetGalley to sort digital reads
- Sorted out tagclouds (UC, SLB)
- Hunted dead links (UC, SLB)
- Updated pinterest profile

Uniflame Creates:
- Made a template for personal blogposts
- Wrote book review A walk across the sun
- Wrote first personal update
- Wrote 365 photo challenge
- Wrote a review policy
- Posted partial reviews to goodreads with link to full review on blog for all books read in 2012
- Linked posts together that are from the same author
- Added social media buttons

She Likes Bento:
- Split recipe page into categories
- Wrote 3 posts for weekend cooking and meatless monday for upcoming weeks
- Added social media buttons

Met een Strikje:
- Got a favicon
- Wrote Friday's post
- Made pictures and wrote March favorites post
- Wrote 4 review posts in advance
- Set up a separate pinterest account for this blog (because co-writer needs access too)
- Added social media buttons

- Read Weekend Cooking posts
- Visited fellow participants and left comments
- Attended two twitter parties
- Checked #bloggiesta on twitter to offer help to others

Mini Challenges:
- Facebook mini challenge: Add facebook share buttons at bottom of posts (UC, SLB, MES)
- Pinterest Challenge - was already on my to do :)
- Social Media Icon Tutorial - did this for all three blogs
- Goodreads Challenge: Linked to my goodreads profile in the sidebar of this blog
- Write a review policy - was already on my to do
- Sidebarchallenge, was on my to do, tossed some stuff out
- Mr. Linky
- Sign up for a blogger event (24 hour read-a-thon)
- 20 comments challenge
- Rafflecopter
- Themed Pages
- 8 ways to freshen up your content
- Back up your blog

Still to-do:
- Design banners for the Meatless Monday and Weekend Cooking features on SLB
- Write snack reviews for SLB
- Set up MES for automatic posting to twitter
- Write a ton more posts for MES ;) (I have so much stuff to review and ideas)
- Post about the ideas from the 8 ways to freshen up your content challenge

The bloggiesta survey:

What you were able to get done:
Well a lot! My to-do list was long, but not this long. I kept running into all these good ideas and added those to the list of stuff I needed to improve.

How you feel the event went:
I thought it went great! I spend like 12 hours on bloggiesta each day, with small breaks in between. I loved the enthusiastic organizers and the help from my fellow bloggiesta participants.

The best new thing you learned:
There are a few actually. The social media button challenge was great, as was the rafflecopter (easy giveaways FTW!), and the comment challenge!

Suggestions for mini challenges next time (and if you’d like to host one!)
Challenges about easy picture editing. I could do an Instagram (or similar challenge) myself. But I would love to have an easy photo editing program challenge. (Please remind me to host the mini challenge or else I might forget ;) )

Suggestions to make things run smoother:
Not anything I can think of right now :)

Anything you want to tell us! Let us know!
I feel that bloggiesta should be an official word ;)

I had great fun! And see you all at the next Bloggiesta! I love how the date is already announced and I have marked the last weekend of September on my calendar!


  1. You did A LOT! *applauds* Which read-a-thon did you pick? :D

    And it looks lovely here!

    1. Thanks! I picked Dewey's 24-hour read-a-thon :) Always love that event :)

  2. Wow, you did a lot... Congratulations!

  3. You were quite successful, especially considering you had three blogs to work on. Well done! It was a great weekend.

  4. Hey! You won the "Sorcerer's Class" prize for our Magical March event!

    Can you send me an @ or DM on twitter with your e-mail address so that I can contact you?


  5. Congratulations on a very productive weekend. I'm impressed!