Friday, May 27, 2011

In the Spotlight: By Kris

As you know I share my own creative experiments here but today I wanted to share the creative projects of someone else. Kris is a woman who has really inspired me by her work. She paints and makes collages among others. She is also the founder of the Round Robin Project I am currently participating in :) I actually found her site through an ad on postcrossing. She sells a nice collection of her collage postcards online and I bought some sets from her to send across the world.

Copyright By Kris

I started to read her blog too and that is how I eventually ended up in a Round Robin group. I thought she deserved some love and a big thank you for inspiring me :) I love making collages myself now, which I do on a regular base now in the notebooks from the other Round Robin participants.
Please check out the webshop By Kris. She also sells a fine collection of Ecojot products, letter sets, vintage postcards and more! I am a regular customer and she ships very fast :) For the Dutchies it might be interesting to know that Kris also gives workshops! Creative painting or pizza making for example.
Also check out her blog for inspiration and of course the Round Robin blog :)

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  1. Bloos tovert een glilach op mijn gezicht en rode wangen. Wat een complimenten , wordt er verlegen van. Dank je zeer voor de lieve woorden en de enorme reclame!
    Tsjonge. Knuffel voor jou en ik ben benieuwd naar jou collages!
    liefs, Kris