Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Round Robin Notebook!

Last week I posted about a great Round Robin Notebook project that is going on in the Netherlands. I got an envelope full of creative goodies but the notebook project was already full. Now it happened that there were some cancellations and that I was chosen to fill one of the spots after trying several times before! I am a very lucky girl!

So last week I had to hurry to buy a notebook and fill a few pages in a creative way, so that I could send my notebook on time! It was hectic, but so much fun! In the next 16 weeks, I will get notebooks from the 8 participants and I have to fill some pages in their books as well! Today I received the notebook from Normal Daily Chaos. She likes birds and flowers and that is something I can work with!

I can't show too much of the round robin project on my blog because the notebooks have to be kept a surprise to the receivers and we won't see what other people made in our notebook until we get it back 16 weeks from now! But I am allowed to show some sneaks, which I will do when I worked in this booklet :) For now I can only show the covers ;) If you want to follow the whole journey of all the books, please go to the Round Robin Notebook blog!

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