Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tag booklet

For school I had to make a little "booklet". You first had to finish sentences and from there you had to make you personal booklet. I choose to make a booklet out of tags.

I worked with inks on the tags and pasted images and words on it that spoke to me.

On the first tag it says "Beautifly". I see the butterfly as a symbol for transformation. Also: My mother collects butterflies.

My dad collected owls. Words say: "He lives in me"

The words on the left tag are qualities that other my classmates see in me. On the right tag, there is a very creative kitty at work ;) I am actually very happy with this tag booklet. (which I bound together after I took the pictures.) The colors are much brighter, so the pictures don't do it justice. Even though it are only little tags, it took me about 4 hours in total to make this booklet. And that is excluding the time the inks needed to dry. Sometimes I think I put too much time in my homework, but I love doing it so much :)


  1. Ziet er goed uit! ik kwam even bij je buurten, wil het lukken met je notebook?


  2. Very beautiful! I love the colours especially.

  3. This is a very good idea for a present. I'm already imagining how mine will look. You could also sell them, you know?

  4. @Jteph: Thanks for the compliment. Maybe I will some day. I had to make this as a school assignment so the thought didn't even occur to me.