Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The past months

I have been very creative but somehow I didn't find the time or energy to update the blog. So here I will post the highlights of those past months. With some picture I will post a story, if there is one :) One side note: all these pics are taken with my iPhone while I was working so they aren't the best quality, but I like how you are able to take a quick snap wherever you are :)

When I drew this picture I was very frustrated and angry, so I just made wild movements with my pencil at random and began to color them. I still like the end result very much. It shows how you can construct something with your anger and I felt so much better afterward.

I drew this as an image how I wanted to be in the future. It was an assignment in a creative journaling book which I loved to do. The cat is me, I identify myself strongly with cats and how they are. They are independent and know where they are going. And they sleep as much as I do ;) The butterfly stands for freedom and transformation.

This one I made at my drawing course. We made this to see how different it is to work on black paper instead of white. I loved this assignment so much because the result was so stunning.

This one I made when I was longing for spring. I was in my winter depression and I wanted to surround me with all things spring to lighten the blow.

This drawing originates from the same period. It has a promise within. I see the bud as I was then, I had all that inside of me and it wants to come out, it is bursting open. This piece still hangs on my door to this day while I made it a few months ago.

Here I was angry yet again. But this piece is totally different then the one from before. I think it is because the reason I was angry was totally different too and I was forming a way to deal with it unlike before when I was just looking to release it.

This one is from fairly recently. It is a water creature. I am looking to make an elemental series and this is the water one. I could notice that too when I was working on it, because water stands for emotions and when working with the water element your emotions can come to the surface.

I made this one at the drawing course again. We first had a visualization before we went to draw and this was the outcome. A line between my far past and my future. There is a lot from me in this drawing and a bit too personal to share that here ;)

And the last one is all about letting go. This was made together with all people from the drawing course on the final lesson. I won't be coming back next year since I will be going to school and start the course to become a spiritual drawing teacher myself. But letting go was hard. I learned so much there. I felt save there and it did hurt leaving that all behind to start something new.


  1. hadn't seen those last two yet. nice pieces of art and expresso-creativity :)

  2. goed bezig!
    vooral die lente tekening!