Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spiritual drawing: Shapes (2)

So last monday I has another drawing session with the subject shapes. This time we had to draw several shapes on the paper which are interacting in some way. You have to pick the shapes you found most difficult. So round shapes or pionty ones. I choose the latter because they are always harder for me to draw.

Then you have to ask yourself certain questions about your drawings. Which shape could be me, who are the other shapes. The story told here is really the story what happened the past few months with the whole poly situation. The colored shapes represent myself in each drawing. Please note that this is how I see it. Other people might see it differently.

In this drawing everything crumbled and fell on top of me. It was the beginning of the situation when the whole thing with Mark, Nick and myself started. I feel overwhelmed because everything is falling down, crumbling. I try to fight it, but it doesnt really work because there is just too much happening.

This picture is me on the right which is fleeing for it all because it was too much. The middle shape is Mark who is off course wants to have things clear which scared me. The left shape is Nick. He isnt really attacking Mark, but Marks does feel threatened by Nick so he flees towards me, wants me to be there for him. But I choose to flee too (stupid me). There are no others involved at this point.

Here I am the purple shape. Things seem to be more balanced out since I am no longer fleeing and choose to be part of the situation more. I am not sure who the pink form is. Could be Mark but it could also be my surroundings in total.

Here I choose to be more true to myself. The other shapes are my surroundings who are questioning my new lifestyle, pointing at me. But I am able to defend myself now if attacked or questioned.

This is the big bang, the last blow. When I am still questioned and I need to make one last stand to choose for my new lifestyle. But it is mainly in the past (left side of drawing) On the right side you see shapes who are more in conflict with each other but not with me anymore. (they point towards each other) Poeple are moving on, and my new lifestyle becomes old news.

Very confronting, very insightful.

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