Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spiritual drawing: Shapes

Last monday I had another of my drawing courses this time with shapes. In the first circle we were only allowed to make round shapes. We had to color the bits that needed extra energy. The golden border stands for protection. Further I don't like this drawing too much because it has too little color. But I love drawing round shapes. Round shapes stand for your feminine side.

In the next circle we were only allowed to draw sharp and pointy shapes, such as triangles and squares. It is the masculine side. I had more trouble with this one, I had to think too much. I wanted to draw a fierce crocodile, but it turned out into a cute baby dinosaur creature. I had trouble drawing this in a circle because a circle is a round shape so exactly the opposite from what we had to do. So I made the border a little more edgy, but only so far. It stands for my defense mechanism and that I won't need it so much in the future. The dino also faces the future side. This one doesnt have much color either, but I like the harmony in it :) it is funny how I wanted to draw something fierce, but something cute came from it.

In the last one we were allowed to combine the shapes. What I drew kinda reminded me of a pokemon called Corsola, a coral pokemon XD But it is feeling happy in the water, not aware of the danger above his head. The triangle is also the symbol for Abunai, which means danger in Japanese, so I might be getting into a lot of work for Abunai..? XD

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