Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spiritual drawing (2)

Inspired by last weeks drawing lesson, I made another one with the same theme. Bear with me since the crayons I have are cheap and dont really make a pretty drawing but it is the effort that counts ;)

A flower of some sort is in the middle (my core) and it is losing petals. So to me that is like losing a part of me. I already lost a part in the past (left side in the drawing is the past) and I will lose more in the future (right side). My core is surrounded by deep emotions (the deep blue color represents that to me) and I have to work through them to reach the sun. The leaves will offer me some protection and will make my fall softer and a little easier. (safety net).

The drawing looks so bright and all, yet the meaning is not so bright... but nothing I didnt already knew really...


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  2. I'd say that even with the losing petals bit, you're still radiating a lot of warmth.. - despite the emotional storm inside. Flowers will bloom again.. :)

    en: EIKELS!