Friday, October 9, 2009

Potato Muffins

I made potato muffins for my: learn to make 10 different kind of muffins from scratch goal ^^ they tasted good! But it could use some more spices next time. Will make them again probably because they are fairly cheap to make and there are lots of variations possible. I also made a bento in a long time again, and since I want to pick up that habit I have turned it into a goal :) I have to make 50 of them.

As you can see it contains the potato muffins, along with left over chili con carne and tiny sausages. I am a vegetarian so it is not for me, but I like making them. I hope to have updates like this more often on the bento :)

I also have read another book about a girl with a muscle decease and I watched the movie The Island for my movie goal. I am also busy with getting insight in my finances. Which is a big thing for me. Since it scares the crap out of me. But I am getting help within 3 weeks from an organisation, so I am pretty pleased.

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