Monday, October 12, 2009

Spiritual drawing

My spiritual drawing course started again last week :) I always enjoy going there immensely because of all the insights I get. Frankly it is better then my therapy which is still rubbish.

We had to draw a circle on the paper and we had to do something with waves. I started with the green symbol in the middle which was meant to be a trinity, but since the trinity has gone, I couldnt get it on paper right. So now it looks more like a penis or a woman, so the two of them combined really, which makes sense.
The tear is my crying center. I am going through a very emotional time now, so that makes sense as well. The color around the circle is what I need from my surroundings atm. Warmth and support. And everything is strongly separated, I need borders atm. Things need to be clear and not fuzzy. Each time it surprises me how accurate this is and how you can read so much from your own drawings. Last week I had a tornado... well yeah... XD


  1. This course still sounds sooo interesting! And I love seeing your work.

  2. Thanks :) I will try to keep posting it here :)