Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another update

First off some more wrecking! I collected my hair when I cut my own bangs some time ago. Now I don't normally cut my own bangs because I am not that good at it, however when it gets too long and I have no time or money for the hairdresser, it just need to go XD

Today I planned an activity that did cost less then 5 euro's :) Nick and I went to the petting zoo by bus (4,40 to get there by bus). It was fun ^^ I love animals :) We brought our own drink and something to eat. And we bought 6 eggs for 0,90 cents. And I donated 1 euro there.

I read 2 more books in the meantime :) But I don't feel like writing about it so much. I also tried out a new recipe today :) Spinach, garlic and different kind of cheeses in dough. Loved it :) I need to post it to my cooking blog still.

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