Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on goals

First of all, I finished a book today! The flying Troutmans wouldnt normally be a book I would read, but it came to me through bookcrossing. It is a story about a broken family who goes on a roadtrip. Because of the light writing style with a dose of funny, this book manages to discuss some heavy subjects without taking itself too serious. I really liked this book. The ending was a bit weird though and left some open ends.

Further I did some more wrecking in my journal. I actually did the dinner page, with vanilla pudding and strawberry sauce. The page looks orange now but smells sweet XD

I also went swimming last weekend so that is my first out of 20 times ;) I now have a cold though :( I worked some more on other goals as well. Tried a new dish from the supermarket. Made bami with some kind of sauce with stir fried fresh biological veggies. I forgot to take pictures of that though.

One of my hardest goals; graduating has become impossible. I tried hard to work towards this goal by looking for alternative ways of graduate still. But school isnt willing to cooperate and since I can't graduate by the official rules, I cant graduate at all. It is a combination of my diagnosis and my health problems that caused that I can't take the normal route. But yeah it has severe consequences :( So I am quite depressed now.... I guess I need to switch this goal for something realistic later.... but yeah need to think what that might be... It is not that I didnt make it because I was lazy or unmotivated now... I just set a goal that was out of my reach apparently. Need to look for other possibilities now, but... my financial state will get worse now too.. so I have no idea if I can afford a new chance... probably not. I'm sorry.. I'm ranting on too much about this... because I can't think clearly now.. need to let it rest for a bit and then start anew looking for possibilities when things are more clear.

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  1. *lots of hugs* I'm sorry they're not willing to help you graduate.

    Way to go on the wrecking and the other goals though.