Monday, September 21, 2009

Wrecking and new products

I tried out these healthier chocolate crunch cookie sticks last weekend. I really liked them especially the one in the red package. I thought they were so good, i bought 2 more packages today ^^ So yeah this one was a success.

And finally some more wrecking from me ^^ I painted my hands with golden glitter paint and pressed them down, but it does look a bit orange on the photo. I also finally burned the page. It smelled XD The page burned really well, must be more careful next time XD

I also visited a place where I have never been before last wednesday. Went to meet up with a friend I met through twitter in Alkmaar. I did see some of the city center then heading to the toko to get some forgotten ingredients from the local toko and got lost doing so. Luckily my iPhone could give me the right directions and I did find it anyway :)


  1. Glad you found something yummy.

    I remember the smell of that page, It nearly gave me an asthma attack. It can't be healthy at all.

  2. Yeah my boyfriend has asthma too, he didnt like it either.