Sunday, September 13, 2009

Book 05/50, anime & there was something else..?

I finished another book towards the 50. Ghost girl by Torey Hayden. It is a true story about a teacher who helps special children. In this case it is about Jadie, an elective mute. When Torey got Jadie to talk, her story is so unbelievable and shocking that it is almost impossible to help Jadie. It was a really amazing book but horrifying at the same time. Reading some parts made me literally sick in my stomach and I am still sick to begin with. But yeah if you are into true stories, read this. It is good. And so sad at the same time.

Further I finished an anime called K-ON. A cheerful light harted anime about the after school light music club. Started it in the spring but I didnt watch anime for over 3 months. Today I finished it and yeah it was fun :) Also reviewed it, but that one is in Dutch, so it is not much use posting it here ;)

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