Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project 365 - Sunday till Tuesday

3 more project pictures ^^


I got new small pansy's from Marks parents. They hang on the balcony now and I like them very much ^^


A picture taking on my drawing course. We had to draw a trashcan frist and put all our things in it that we wanted to lose. After that we had to take one feeling out the pile and with that feeling in mind draw a fantasy dragon. I was very frustrated because I still am so tired all the time. So my dragon became very angry. Then you had to switch pictures with your neighbour and add something to the dragon you would think your nieghbour could use. Since I didnt want to gave my dragon away, I took a picture first. So this is the before picture. Of course I gave it away afterwards and I was happy I did so. I also got another paper in the end to draw the rest of the body.


Yesterday I was finally able to do some cooking again. I made Japanese potato salad. It was a recipe I wanted to try for some time but I wasnt able to get Japanese mayonaise. Last sunday I got lucky though ;) And for dinner I made Italian oriented baked rice. It is a recipe I made up myself, and it was quite tasty. On the picture you see the leftovers in a bento, a Japanese lunchbox. It had been a while since I made a bento but today Mark is lucky ;)


  1. Love your dragon, glad you took a before picture.

    And, Ooooooo, I didn't know you were waiting for your dress as well!!! <3


  2. That drawing course sounds soooooo interesting.

    I'm sorry to hear that you still having recovered though but at least it sounds like you're slowly getting there.