Thursday, April 9, 2009

My own stationary

So I really like getting mail, as in the one you get from the mailman ;) I recently joined a Dutch letter community to send and get mail. Since I am getting tired of getting only bills in the mail and it is a nice way to brighten someones day :)

But since there isnt much stationary out there anymore, or for rediculous prices, I deceided to make my own!



For some reason the lines on the previews look odd, please click on them for bigger ;)

For myself I need to have lines on the paper or else it will get all over the place. However the lines are a bit of a problem to do in photoshop. It is a real hassle to get them on the same distance and make them equally long. I know I havent succeeded at that completly. So I would like to get tips on this subject please ^^ There must be an easier way to do this.

If I am getting better at making them, I might give them away to others or maybe charge a little for them. I never owned a shop and I have no idea how somethingl ike that would work. I love being creative but I dont have much money to actually buy supplies. I now shop at cheap places but it would be great if I could afford some nice scarpbooking paper for example. But before I can actually sell anything of my own, I need to get better first and also make some sort of promotion. It might be that I keep them free anyway... just having some random thoughts here. I could of course also make them without the lines, not everyone needs them I guess ;)

If you want to use these for some reason, feel free to do so. These arent very good anyway ;)


  1. I would say that it's not just the lines that look weird, I would say that the entire images look weird in a VERY invisible kind of way. LOL And now you've made me curious so I would really love to see your stationary.

  2. Well the thing is that I can see the images in firefox but not in Internet Explorer. And there is nothing wrong with the HTML code, I already checked, trice.

    I noticed a few days already that when I update in IE that I cant switch to different modes. So I think it is just an IE thing I cant do anything about :(

  3. No, it's not just an IE thing because I just started up Firefox to check and I can't see them ether either. When I follow the link to Photobucket I can see the thumbnails to the right but not the bigger pictures and it works the same in both IE and Firefox. I wonder if you can see them because you've got them in your cache? It would be interesting to hear if it's just me. Maybe it's an Annefia problem? LOL

  4. I can see them and I am on Firefox.

    They look very nice to me. I like the butterflies the best.

    I am not much of a whiz at Photoshop and am much better in Illustrator but not an expert at all. This is something I would use Illustrator to do if it were me. I think it might be easier to line everything up because there is a special tool for that.