Monday, March 9, 2009

Self portret

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I follow this course every monday that is called something like "healing through drawing". You get certain assignments and you just draw or paint in this case.

Todays assignment was to make a self portret. Not one that really looks like you, but one that comes from within. This is mine. As you can see I am not a really good painter, but this doesnt stop me from finding it really fun to do. Especially since we werent allowe to use brushes so this is a finger painting ;)

I think this is my inner child that wanted to come out and play today ;) I always see my inner child as a kitty, so it makes perfect sense.


  1. It's lovely! And I find that I somehow know more about you after seeing it.

    This sounds like a really interesting class you're taking.

  2. It is really :) Since the teacher also reads the drawing together with you. Since drawing comes from within you, you draw things in a way that suits you. It also shows what you are going through. By the colors you pick for example, also how you draw things.

    It really helps me to see things in another perspective.

  3. I really envy you for this now! LOL