Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WOYWW: More collage cards

A while ago I came across a creative meme that is called What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. It is all about showing what is going on on your workdesk and is hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. I really like participating, because it is an easy way to show you what I have been working on, and it is fun to visit some other participants :)

As you might recall, last week I made a collage card from an art journal style background. This week I made 3 more from the same paper.

I am waiting to send them for a little while longer, because I would like to scan them, so I have a digital version. Who knows, what I can do with these in the future :) I am thinking of selling some postcards maybe, and these might be fun to print. However, I have no experience on that area whatsoever. So it will be a project for the future.

I already had a set of these cure owl boxes, but I noticed that they became very cluttered and my desk as well. So I bought another set to help declutter. In the boxes are things like masking and deco tape, used stamps, tags, labels, wooden stamps and inks, etc.. All the things I want to have nearby for creative snail mail.

I am almost done with watching all the posts from the online journaling class, I am taking. And I ordered a watercolor moleskine for the course I will be starting from Alisa Burke. I just hope it will be there in time. It is my first moleskine! I am very curious how the paper will work for me.


  1. Today I came across another person doing Postcard art and it sparked me to get cracking with a past time love and create some myself in between visiting the beautiful desks of the world and now I happen on another person creating beauties also. Your postcards are stunning, love them.

    Happy WOYWW Eliza 26

  2. I really love those colours, they are beautiful, pretty design! The cards I use, where in my drawer for more then 20 years. They are index cards with lines on them. But you can use any kind of cardstock. Mine have the size 10x15 cm, like postcards. There is an open group "Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day" you can join or just have a look as you wish. It is fun.
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a kind comment.
    Gabriele 23

  3. Wow....Those are really stunning. The colors are so vibrant. Thanks for stopping by. happy crafting #13

  4. whoop whoop, look at all that tape, im coming round to share !! love your desk lots of craftyness going on, thanks for the snoop

    Happy WOYWW
    Jay NO.65

  5. Your cards are really stunning so vibrant and each one different. I like you storage boxes that should make your desk less cluttered
    have a great day enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #75

  6. A great idea to make postcards and I love your owl storage box.

    Thanks for visiting me earlier.

    Happy WOYWW Susi #73

  7. Fun collage cards! Very cool! And look at all that tape! WOW! Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #108

  8. Fun summery cards, and the storage boxes full of goodies = YUM!!

    Thank you for stopping by, and happy woyww to you!


  9. Lovely collage cards and your box with washi tapes looks fab.
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
    Monique # 70

  10. What a fabulous collection of tape you have there....I'm a little bit envious!! Lol. Love your background and envelopes. The mail needs to be brightened up a bit! Thanks for visiting the Fun Room this week!
    Sara j #43

  11. What a fabulous stash of Washi Tapes you have and I just adore your storage boxes! Your collage cards are just gorgeous too! Happy WOYWW! Danie #34

  12. What a vibrant colorful artist you are I love it, your mail art is gorgeous,nice boxes with the washi, you're going to love your moleskine the paper is wonderful to work on, good luck with your classes, thanks for stopping by and sharing have a wonderful week. Dianne #94

  13. TY for popping by my desk…err coffee table. I don't know where to begin, the cards are just pure happiness. So colorful. lucky recipent who gets one in the mail. I too am curious about how to turn work into a digital print myself. I'm also loving that tape collection ya got going on. I'm a total Jezabelle when it comes to collecting stuff like that. I want em' all!!! I'm the same with stamps, stencils, and writing utensils. Oh, that sounds so cheesy…. I enjoyed visiting!!! Have a great weekend. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #3

  14. I'm a sucker for tape. They look so pretty all boxed up and organized. And your cards are stunning. I can see why you want to scan them.

    I’m not sure how late LATE is, but I’m here to wish you a beLATEd WOYWW from #2.