Monday, January 7, 2013

Reading Challenges 2013

I know I need to do wrap up posts from several 2012 challenges, but that doesn't stop me from signing up for new challenges in 2013.

First I host the Wishlist Challenge 2013. Read 12 books of your pre 2013 wishlist, one for each month. I have written a seperate entry about that and you can read it here.

I will join the Foodies Reading Challenge once more, Because it also allows cookbooks, I always find it a fun challenge. I will be doing the Chef du Cuisine level - 14 to 18 books. This year the Foodie Reading Challenge can be found on it's own page.

A new challenge I will be joining is the Ik lees Nederlands Challenge, hosted by Judith on her Dutch blog De Boekblogger. The goal is to read books from Dutch authors. So far most Dutch authors I know, I find longwinding. It must be the last remaining part of the dislike for reading I had while in high school. They really kill every love for reading in there by forcing you to read all these boring books and in my case mainly by Dutch authors. I thought long and hard about joining this challenge, but I decided to give it a go and see if I can change my mind about Dutch authors. I am in doubt about reading 5 or 10 books. I actually have some Dutch books on hold at the library and I can make it to 6 books ;) So I guess I will be aiming for 10, which is the Stroopwafel level.

And finally I will join the 2013 ebook challenge at Workaday Reads. Because I now have a Kobo Touch eReader, I can actually read ebooks in a relaxing way. I will sign up for the CD level, this means 10 ebooks. This doesn't sound like much but the next level is 25 ebooks. And I think that is too much.

I am not signing up for another dystopia challenge like last year. I thought it was fun, but now I want to spread my genres more. I also won't sign up for the what's in a name challenge. Again, very fun! But I need to limit the amount of challenges I do, or else I will not ending up completing any at all.

However I am still looking for a library reading challenge!

Which reading challenges did you join?


  1. Welcome to the Foodies Read challenge!

  2. Hurray for doing the Dutch challenge! Have a look at some of the reviews that are being sent in, maybe something there will inspire you.

    1. I will do that :) Right now I have 3 books in that I will read for the challenge. Grenzeloos by Kim Moelands, Margot and Paaz :) That will make a nice start I hope :)

  3. You are participating in some great challenges. Good luck with completing them all.

    You said that you are looking for a library reading challenge. I am participating in one hosted by Book Dragon's Lair if you are interested in participating.