Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is a bit of a personal update. It is not something I do very often here, except for my monthly 365 update. First of all a happy new year to all :) I celebrated with friends at my home. We had a raclette dinner and some more snacks in the evening. We talked, watched some telly and fireworks. We laughed a lot, and generally had a good time :)

The day before we unpacked some belated x-mas pressies with some of the same friends. Again, we had a very nice time. I got soap and shower gel from Lush, a blue ray DVD from the Golden Compass, Golden Sun for the DS, an Angry birds kitchen set, and an owl Kigu! Which is a sort of onsie PJs for adults. I might have gotten even more, but I am tired as I write this post, so some might have slipped from my memory. Sorry about that!

I also bought a Kobo Touch e-reader from money I got from my mom for X-mas! I have been very spoiled! Anyway, expect more reviews from e-books here in the future :) I will still be reading lots of books from the library as well, but it is nice to actually be able te read galleys in my comfy chair :)

Speaking of the blog... I am currently not really in a blogging mood and life is quite hectic. Now I do happen to have vacation for another week, but that is over before I know it. To reduce stress I decided to drop the blogging schedule for now and just blog when I feel like it. Things that are coming up are a 365 post from December, wrap ups from book challenges and 1 sign up post for the new challenges I plan to join. But I need to write every one of those, so I am not sure when they will be up.

I am currently quite unfocussed due that I am taking less ADHD meds and that makes it hard to blog. I am being very creative though, making nice things to send over snail mail with my pen pals. Maybe I will show it on the blog. But the point from this post is to let you know what I am up to, and what you can expect from me. For now I just do whatever I feel like doing because I have a lot of "have to's" going on IRL and I really need to focus on my "want to's" to keep myself sane ;)

I hope you all had a great start of the new year!

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