Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: The Potential Hazards of Hester Day

Title: The Potential Hazards of Hester Day
Author: Mercedes Helnwein
Genre: YA
Subject: Coming of age
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release date: Februrary 2008
Length: 256 pages
I got this book: Borrowed it from the library

From Goodreads:
"Hester Louise Day: high school graduate, almost-wife, would-be mother, soon to be wanted for kidnapping a ten-year-old with a comb-over. Apprehensive about spending the rest of her existence in a void of nothingness in Nowheresville, Florida, where she currently lives with her painfully intrusive family, she decides to tip her life over into any kind of surrealism she can lay her hands on.

Shortly after graduation and a heated fight with her mother featuring an airborne toaster, Hester's life takes a turn for the better when she notices a billboard with two wide-eyed children and the catchy phrase "All they want for Christmas is a family." What better way to drive a chainsaw through her placid existence? But when the adoption agency rejects her application to adopt a child, she realizes she must do something more drastic to derail the mediocre life threatening to spread out before her.

Having found herself stuck in a camper named Arlene with Fenton Flaherty, her nemesis from the library (who, through a series of interesting events is now also Hester's husband), Jethro, Hester's ten-year-old cousin, and Duncan Clyde, a.k.a. "Jesus Freak," who is traveling along the side of the road asking passersby to sign his life-sized cross, Hester is quickly freed from anything even remotely mediocre (or normal, for that matter) about her life."

Personal opinion:
I picked this one up for the what's in a name challenge. Normally this isn't the kind of book I would really pick up but I came across it and I thought I give it a go. The best word to sum up this book is quirky. The events that happen are all kinda odd and I don't think this would ever happen to anyone in this way, but that didn't bother me much. Hester was looking to do things her way, like everyone who is her age probably, but the fact that all these weird stuff happens around her, makes it an interesting read. I would say that if you want something light inbetween and you don't mind quirkyness, then this is a book for you.

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