Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Project 365: September 2012

I have been doing this still and I actually have every picture I took on my phone. I just haven't been posting them here. But during the Bloggiesta weekend, I played catch up and there was also a mini challenge that was about making it personal. I was planning to post the photos again and I thought this qualified ;) I am planning to backlog the previous 365 posts in the month they belong. But first I am posting September.

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1) The b-day pressie I got from my mom. It is a trolley that I can carry all my school supplies in
2) Rikku
3) Rikku being lazy
4) A huge art book for school!
5) Writing a snack review
6) Zoey
7) Library Loot
8) Dinner: Chili sin Carne
9) Stripe
10) Lunch: Feta and zucchini muffins
11) A day at school
12) Mid afternoon snack
13) Homework
14) Cats
15) Package from Sakura with scented candles
16) Fun sunday where I couldn't stop laughing
17) Visitors at our vacation home
18) Parrots <3 p="p">19) Besammael as a donkey in the zoo
20) Visiting the petting zoo
21) Lovely smelling paw soap from Lush
22) Rikku
23) Writing a snack review
24) Candlelight <3 p="p">25) Dinner: Potato curry with spinach
26) VIP evening at the Body Shop
27) Pretty flowers <3 p="p">28) Start of Bloggiesta - all the scheduled posts!
29) Cookbooks for the Cookbook Challenge
30) Lunch: Vegetable omelette

Well this was my month with a holiday and school starting again. And as always, lots of reading, cooking and cats ;)

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