Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Slice of Life: Week 17 - 2012

Last week there wasn't a slice of life post because of the read-a-thon. But this is another week ;)

I read:
Not a whole lot actually. After the read-a-thon, I was pretty much done ;) I did study in my Hundertwasser book. Hundertwasser is a painter and architect and I study this as extra inspiration and to gain extra knowledge for school.

Weekly song:
Blof, which is another Dutch band that I love, released a new single last week. I have been listening to it a lot. The lyrics are nice and so is the melody. Of course most of my visitors don't speak Dutch and they must be under the impression now that I dig Dutch music. I don't really, there just are a few exceptions :D Here is the single to enjoy :)

Favorite recipe:
I made mushroom, brown rice and pesto burgers last week which I LOVED! They will be on my other blog soon, but they are from the book Best Veggie Burgers around the Planet. I have bought it recently and I am very happy already with it!

Something pretty:
I was looking for something to cheer me up because I was rather down because of my low energy level this week and because the weather is so-so. Bright colors do the trick quite nicely!

I watched:
Only the new episode of Game of Thrones. So nothing to report here ;)

I am grateful for:
That I wasn't sick on Wednesday, my planned shopping day with friends :)

I played/created:
I have been sick about 3 days in the past week and I started to play Golden Sun to help me with my boredom. It is actually a pretty old game for the game boy advanced. But I love to play old school games and this one isn't giving me a too hard time, so it is all nice and fun. For the people who are curious, here are the first 10 minutes of the game to get an impression.

Things I have done: 
I have been shopping with friends. I needed a new jeans because I lost quite a bit of weight and my current jeans are all a bit saggy and baggy ;) I also got a new blouse and some other nice things. My last shopping trip was just after x-mas so I enjoyed going out and spend sometime in the city. We also grabbed a subway before we went home :) I haven't done a whole lot of other stuff because I got sick right afterwards. That also explains the lack of posts because I hardly couldn't blog.

I am happy about: 
My new bought things and the fact that I am getting better slowly.

In the upcoming week I plan:
Today Fhant comes to visit for some gaming time with my BF but we will also hang out with the three of us. I hope to play a card game together that we bought recently. On Wednesday Immi will come to visit and we will make cupcakes together. I bought some nice decorating things during the shopping trip including chocolate chips. If anyone can recommend a recipe for cupcakes with chocolate chips, please let me know :)

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