Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly Slice of Life - Week 14 - 2012

So it is time for the weekly personal update again :) It is Easter Sunday, but we are not really celebrating it. I did do plenty of other stuff though.

I read:
I abandoned the Wilderness that I started last week. The book really wasn't for me. I did read and finish the Colour of Milk. This is a small book I got for review and will be published at the end of May. So more on that later :) I also read the Declaration by Gemma Malley on Saturday in one sitting :)

Weekly song:
Well I am still into the new CD of the Dutch duo Acda en de Munnik. When I get a CD which I find really good, it can take me a while to listen to something else again. So here is another song from the CD. Ha!

Favorite recipe:
I will make sushi today and that is always a fave ;) I don't do it too often though because it is so time consuming :)

Something pretty:

I just love pretty decorated cupcakes like these. I don't really have the patience and energy to do this myself but it sure is pretty <3

I watched:
The 2nd season of Games of Thrones started! I watched two episodes of that. It is a very good fantasy series all though it is brutal and in my opinion it has too much sex. I could post the trailer but it does contain spoilers for the people who haven't watched season 1 yet, so I won't. Instead I will be posting a relaxation video:

I am grateful for:
My friends who helped with cleaning :)

I played/created:
I wanted to buy minecraft this week, but the paying system from their site is kind of buggy, so I haven't succeeded. I am quite curious about the game though. It has been on my wishlist for months. I created something inspired by Picasso at school. It is not really my style to work with though.

Things I have done:
The dryer broke down this week so I had to start a hunt for a "new" one. I succeeded and we have another dryer now. It is a fairly old one again, but it works for now. The last one was also quite old and still lasted for about 2 years, so who knows we will be lucky again ;) I also went to school this week, which was quite heavy on my energy levels, but fun as always. And on Friday I played DnD with friends. DnD is short for Dungeons and Dragons and it is a role playing game that we enjoy playing.

I am happy about:
A clean(er) bedroom. Aaaaand Sushi!!!! <3

In the upcoming week I plan:
Not that much I hope. This week was quite busy to my standards and it would be nice to have a calm week now. I do have friends over tomorrow for a fun afternoon of playing board games. I hope to be able to try some new recipes from a cookbook I currently have for review. I also need to do homework and I want some reading time because I had fun books coming in from the library :)


  1. Sounds like a busy week! I tried to relax with the Dalek tape, but found it a bit difficult. Did you have that, too? ;-)

    Have a great new week!

  2. Acda en DE Munnik and Dalek Relaxation. Quite a combination ;)

  3. What a week! Who's the author of The Wilderness? I can't wait to hear more about Colour of Milk. It's funny how you posted a picture of cupcakes right when I started baking some! :-) Though I doubt my cupcakes will look as lovely. Have a great week.

    1. The author is Samantha something... I already brought the book back to the library, so I can't really check now.

      I hope your cupcakes tasted great :)