Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project 365: February 2012

Another month is past so it is time for my monthly 365 update. Still going strong :) Oh and yes, my 365 app thinks February has 31 days. I wonder how it is going to respond tomorrow ;)

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1) Strawberry Smoothie
2) Zoey is making a face ;)
3) Vegetable bag
4) Snow
5) New nail polish
6) Shopping loot
7) Candy
8) Snacks for review
9) Dinner: Bean burgers
10) Vegetable bag
11) A surprise package!
12) Edwin building up the Abunai stand at Tsunacon 2012
13) Cleaned out my nightstand
14) Dinner: Black Salsify-avocado salad
15) Choco bananas match my nails ;)
16) A beauty package I won
17) My first Lush Shampoo bar
18) Dinner: Bean burgers (different recipe)
19) Cat picture
20) Dinner: Pizza
21) Breakfast: home made bread with cheese and cucumber
22) Lunch: Bento with sweet potato curry, red lentil falafel and tomatoes
23) Dinner: Sweet cabbage stir fry with noodles
24) Dinner: Sweet potato mash with green cabbage
25) Breakfast: Home made bread with cheese, cucumber and tomatoes
26) DIY: Braided headband
27) Dinner: More bean burgers with tahin-yoghurt sauce
28) Baking: Arretjescake
29) Owl painting

I spend a lot of time indoors and I have been sick quite a few days this month. This resulted in easy meals and lots of indoor pictures from my new beauty stuff. I hope that with spring arriving, my pictures might get more interesting. However, I mostly forget to take pictures when I am outdoors ;)

How was your month?

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