Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project 365: December 2011

My 2nd month of project 365 completed! There are slightly less food pictures towards the end of the year simply because I only made very easy dishes when the busy holidays approached.

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1) Dinner: Sweet Chili Rice with celery and mushrooms.
2) Vegetable bag
3) Sweet Potato Onigiri
4) Belsammael acting silly
5) Dinner: Carrot Lasagna
6) Bento: Chimichurri rice and muffins
7) Cat in the laundry basket
8) Dinner: Creamy leek and spinach pasta
9) Vegetable bag
10) Bento: Falafel, shii take puffs and muffin
11) Dinner: Gnocchi in courgette sauce
12) Dinner: Baked potatoes, bean burgers and coleslaw
13) Bento: Rice and sajoer beans, bean burger, muffin and apple
14) Dinner: Mini broccoli leek quiches
15) Homework assignment
16) Vegetable bag
17) Dinner: Sushi in a restaurant for Fhants b-day
18) Decorated x-mas tree
19) Homework assignment
20) Bento: Gnocchi in courgette sauce, white bean pate, cucumber and muffin
21) Dinner: Mushroom ragout and Turkish bread
22) Started to read the Night Circus (and still not finished, oops)
23) Random cat picture
24) Chocolate for x-mas
25) X-mas kitty
26) Dinner: The leftovers from family x-mas dinner
27) Silly picture of me with an owl hat
28) Loot from shopping day with friends to spend x-mas money
29) View from the balcony
30) Sleeping kitties
31) Dinner: "Gourmetten" with friends

If you are interested in certain recipes, go take a look at the recipe index on my other blog: She Likes Bento. If I liked something enough to make it again, it is probably on there :)


  1. Very Nice! I just started my own 365 project. I haven't quite figured everything out yet, but I'm taking the photos daily.

  2. 4 december just got very awesome.

    Also, you're more consequent in this than I ;)