Saturday, December 3, 2011

Project 365: November 2011

Or I should say: my month in food because most pictures that I took are from food. Anyway, I attempted project 365 before, where you take 1 picture every day. But it was too much hassle, getting my camera out and such, decided what to photograph and when I finally went somewhere, I forgot to bring my camera ;) Now there is an project 365 app on the iPhone and I tired again on my 3Gs because I had it with me all the time. It went better, but the 3G couldn't do any night pictures or indoor pictures so that didn't work either. Well now I have a iPhone 4 which makes better pictures (not that great but it is acceptable to me, I tried again in November and guess what?! I managed to take a picture EVERY day in the past month. Soooo even if it is mostly of food, which is the highlight of my mostly indoor days, here are my project pictures for November 2011.

Click on the image for a larger version
1) Dinner: Rice with mixed beans
2) Dinner: Homemade vegetarian sushi
3) Breakfast in bed with cat-table
4) Vegetable bag
5) Cookies!
6) DnD Sunday (Dungeons and Dragons with friends)
7) Workshop painting at by Kris
8) Lap-Warmer while watching TV
9) Dinner: Pasta with Quick Tomato Sauce
10) Dinner: Roti with potatoes and beans
11) Vegetable bag
12) Gooood morning to you too!
13) Bomb and tentacle in my shoe from Sinterklaas
14) Dinner: Mushroom Stroganoff
15) Dinner: Quick Lo Mein
16) Lunch: "Beschuitjes" with cheese, tomatoes and rocket lettuce
17) Lunch: Pizza Muffins
18) Vegetable bag
19) Lunch: Kohlrabi Soup
20) Cat demands attention
21) Dinner: Stuffed Pumpkin
22) My bento for school
23) Sick day with cheeky kitty
24) Snack: Cucumber with nori and soy sauce
25) Vegetable bag
26) Dinner: Samosas with cucumber-yoghurt dip
27) Celebrating Sinterklaas with friends - these are the snacks
28) Dinner: Pesto Pasta and Fennel Beans
29) Dinner: Baked potatoes and rutabaga in peanut sauce
30) Dinner: Sunchoke Soup and bread

So how was your month? After seeing this, I wonder if I shouldn't have posted this on my other blog: She Likes Bento. But I used to post my project 365 pictures here before. Speaking of my other blog, if you are curious about some of the above dishes, you will be able to find a recipe for most of them there. Here is a link to the list of recipes on She Likes Bento :)

Don't forget to visit Weekend Cooking if you are interested in anything food related. The posts from all the participants are a great source for new inspiration!


  1. Well done on getting photos for every day! I would struggle to remember I think!

  2. I had that problem too :) But solved that by putting a daily reminder in my phone :)

  3. Fun!!! And I love your calendar display. I've tried twice to do the 365 but because I work from home, I'm not out and about enough to get a good variety. Using your phone and taking food pictures is a great idea. We do eat every day. :)

  4. Yeah that is what I was thinking. I don't get out much myself, so what interesting is there to photograph? And I kind of need to make food pictures for my other blog anyway :)

  5. What a fun and creative idea. My first thought when I saw your calendar was how colorful it is. Your camera does a good job but so do you in choosing to eat bright, colorful foods.

  6. I love the idea of taking daily food pictures. I ought to try that.

  7. Terrific! I'm thinking of starting a 365 project in the new year. I don't get out much either, so I'm hoping I can pull it off.

  8. SAY WHAT?? There is a 365 app for the iphone?! Seriously?
    I attempted and failed a 365 Project THREE times already. I'm not kidding. My first attempt at the project began on June 23, 2010 with my teenage daughter. She went on to take a photo every single day for a whole year--even when she was sick or super busy. I'm so proud of her. I went on to stop and start two more times during those 365 days. I should really give it ONE more try with this app and make it an iphone specific 365. Although I have the 3GS and don't plan to upgrade for a while. We'll see...

  9. This is a fabulous idea, you did a wonderful job with it.